LIASE is much more than an accessories brand. Being a project that promotes the highest quality, which is the result of working with local artisans and embodying a contemporary vision that advocates a fluid genre, the Florence-based brand founded by Elisa Ciolli is carving out a well-deserved niche in the national and international creative scene. Now they have just launched their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, CYCLONED, stepping into the retro-futuristic spiral, proving that the world of accessories has a lot to say and there is still a lot to explore. Celebrating individuality for all genders and supporting the uniqueness of each piece, the philosophy of this brand has captivated us. Do you want to know more?
Florence, the hometown of LIASE founder Elisa Ciolli, is one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world. Known worldwide for its great historical and cultural heritage, home to some of the most beautiful artworks in terms of sculpture, architecture and painting, this Italian city has been the birthplace of some of the most renowned talents of all time. If we add to this Ciolli's experience in other European cities such as Berlin and London, where she spent her post-graduation years as a buyer for leading fashion shops in Italy before becoming the visual merchandiser for Gucci Germany, we can better understand the creative vision of her most personal project, LIASE, in which savoir-faire converges with the most absolute modernity.

It is also important to highlight her trips to indigenous sites throughout Peru and Mexico, which became very important experiences in her life and were the starting point for her interest in jewellery. It was then that she began to study this fascinating world and fuse those ideas into modern pieces, shaping a label, LIASE, whose efforts are now focused on becoming a gender-fluid brand, believing in inclusivity for all genders and races. Their semi-precious stones, mixed with Op-Art-inspired shapes and designs, are for anyone who wants to wear them. People who value premium design and materials, such as the eco-silver for jewellery and upcycled lining for handbags.

In their new collection, CYCLONED, the creative vision built on an inclusive and environmentally responsible philosophy goes one step further. Taking us on a journey through some fantastic campaign images, the design and identity of LIASE are strongly consolidated, providing an extra dose of personality. The LIASE revolution has already begun. Do you want to be part of it?
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