Leyya’s Pumped Up High is described as a "sonic kaleidoscope" with playful tones over pared-down production. The song effortlessly marries perfectly timed progressions that build anticipation for a catchy chorus with smooth, chill vocals that are like a caramel dessert for the ears. This immaculate production lays the foundation for a summer anthem that captures the carefree essence of girls in bikinis and guys in hoochie daddy shorts enjoying life under the sun.
The single serves as a counterpoint to their previous releases, such as Sometimes You're Lonely and Ease My Mind, showcasing a shift from vulnerability to hedonistic self-assurance. This track embodies the ambivalence of wanting solitude amidst a crowd, capturing the essence of being at a summer rave surrounded by strangers yet feeling blissfully consumed by the atmosphere. Expanding on the single's theme, the duo explains that Pumped Up High is about the joy of not being perceived in an environment where you’re welcome. The feeling of being included without the urge to exchange conversation. 
The single's infectious rhythm and sophisticated production make it a standout track, setting high expectations for their forthcoming album. Leyya's ability to blend contrasting elements into a harmonious and engaging soundscape cements their place as trailblazers in the electropop genre. Fans and newcomers alike will find themselves drawn into the vibrant world Leyya has created, eagerly awaiting what comes next from this talented duo.
With Pumped Up High, Leyya continues to push the boundaries of electropop, delivering a track that is both fun and introspective. As they gear up for the release of Half Asleep on August 30, fans can expect a deeply personal and self-reflective album.