Germany-born London-based independent singer-songwriter Levina has just released her new single, Battleground. The song is full of meaning and addresses one of the most important issues in life, mental health. Dedicated to all those who are stuck in a difficult situation that feels hard to get out of and making us feel that we are not alone, this latest single once again shows that music can make us feel accompanied and has enormous healing and restorative power. Written by Levina and co-produced by Swedish collaborator Hannes Andersson, truth and honesty are two of the pillars on which this new release is built.
“I wrote Battleground about my struggles with mental health. I didn't speak about it a lot, because I felt like no one would understand me and I would be a burden to people,” Levina replies when asked for the starting point of her new single, alluding to a situation with which many of us can feel identified: “However, after I got regular therapy, through Help Musicians and BAPAM, I realised the importance of opening up because there are other people who are going through similar situations.” Feeling accompanied and supported is essential to begin to solve our problems, accept what is not going well and try to understand ourselves. 
Having found herself in the exceptional position of performing at Eurovision and collaborating with star-studded songwriter Lindy Robbins and producers including Matt Lawrence, some of her singles like Perfect Life surpass one million streams on Spotify. Being influenced by artists as diverse as Anastacia, Avril Lavigne to Amy Winehouse or Ella Fitzgerald, Levina's new song, Battleground, unfolds with a more unusual and romantic 6/8 time signature. A single with which the singer metaphorically strips naked, demonstrating that we should all stick together to understand each other and create support networks. 
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