Les Benjamins is a brand that is characterised by the exploration of different concepts where culture and tradition are fundamental pillars. This time, for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, with The Horse of the East it is the turn of horse racing, events that beyond their sporting nature, carry with them a symbolic connotation where the characteristic garments and even the act of wearing them are in themselves a ceremonial act.
Horse racing is a major event in Middle Eastern countries, and Dubai is one of the key cities in this discipline. The Creative Director of the firm, Bunyamin Aydin, realised this when he lived there, close to the place where these events took place. He discovered that beyond being a sport, they are a meeting place where clothing has more value than it seems, from the guests wearing their best clothes, making the racecourses into improvised fashion shows, to the riders themselves and the attire they need to compete, where no piece is there by chance.

Les Benjamins takes elements related to this practise and makes them their own, giving them the streetwear and modern touch that characterise the brand. Divided into two sub-stories, the collection reflects not only their version of classic equestrian garments, with bomber jackets and cropped trousers that allude to the visual created by the white trousers/black jockey boot contrast, but also moves from the more technical to the symbolic, with more delicate crochet or hand-embroidered garments alluding to the East's rich history and the almost ceremonial aspect of horse racing.

Despite being a concept that revolves around another culture, Les Benjamins does not forget its own. The characteristic print of the Turkish carpets is present in the collection both in relaxed-fit performance shapes as well as tailoring. Moreover, the firm is there for their country in these difficult times, cooperating with various institutions in support of the victims of the earthquake and directing donations to those most in need. Click here to donate, share and support the cause.
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