Starting from female empowerment and inverting the traditional paradigm of the historically established cheater, singer-songwriter Leah Kate presents her new single, Veronica. A track whose catchy rhythm along with a perfectly studied melody that reflects a carefree attitude promises to conquer the dance floors, bringing together the eighties and nineties sound in a musical proposal adapted to newer times, exploring themes like sisterhood and solidarity. And it is that the young pop artist perfectly embodies the profile of a contemporary artist, giving attention to every detail of her musical project.
With more than forty million views, her single Fuck Up The Friendship exemplifies the importance of streaming platforms and social media in the consolidation of an artist. But it is that besides going viral both on TikTok and Spotify, Leah Kate's music has managed to connect with an audience that appreciates listening to new discourses and ways of thinking. These are detached from established clichés whose sole purpose is to enjoy life and make music a repair balm with which to heal the wounds to look forward with more forcé than ever. “No matter what kind of song I'm releasing, whether it’s a disco dance-pop song or just me on guitar, the lyrics have to matter and be very truthful to my life,” explains the artist.

Being her own manager, creative director, A&R, label head, publicist and marketing strategist, the singer's creations are absolutely sincere as they are not tainted by commercial interests and trends that usually dominate the industry, making the music scene an extremely homogeneous and repetitives.