West London’s Lava La Rue is paving their way into the start of the year with the single Vest & Boxers. The artist already showed us in their latest EP Butter-fly their perspective on creating a narrative outside the stereotypical queer pop narrative. The music video, directed by Bedroom Projects and produced by Courage and Saya Gray, takes us into Lava’s universe, where they also wear their very own vest and boxers, in collaboration with the upcoming collection with independent brand Lazy Oaf.
As Lava La Rue explains, the song aims to relate to those who felt the same way as the artist growing up, especially about romantic relationships within the LGBTQI+ community, in their own words, it's for “woman loving woman/ non-binary loving woman community and non-binary people loving women.” They have also stated the following: “After my last project was received so well as a queer-centric project, I wanted to follow up with a single that dived even deeper to what makes a queer anthem.” Not only does the artist portray an inclusive vision in their music, but Lava is also the founder member of creative collective NiNE8, which has curated multiple music, fashion, and art projects.

Accompanied by an eclectic and colourful music video, the own song refers to what Lava La Rue considers to be guilty of: “Vest & Boxers is what we would refer to as our ‘dyke uniform’ – we’d wear it under our baggy denim/oversized suits with the waist band showing as a little signal to all the ‘ottheir’ gays in the room.” The song is the outcome of what Lava intends to make a lesbian anthem that has punk energy. We should expect listening to it everywhere from mosh pits and angsty houses parties or even in the comfort of our own bedroom.