With her latest single and her music video, Take My Hand, Lauren Lakis goes one step further. Putting aside the day-to-day doubts and the specific questions, she puts the spotlight on the great questions of life and the truly transcendental reflections. What if we were wrong? How would you react if what you believe to be true turns out not to be? Would you be able to admit it? The lead single from her upcoming album, A Fiesta and a Hell, which was recorded in Austin, Texas, with Carey McGraw producing, Elliott Frazier mixing and Christopher Colbert mastering, invites us to question everything.
“It’s about forgetting what you thought you knew, letting go, bravely opening your mind to something radically different,” comments Baltimore-born singer Lauren Lakis of her latest single, Take My Hand. The artist, who released her debut full-length Ferocious with Cavity Search Records in 2018 and has toured along with her band the West Coast extensively having shared bills with Ringo Deathstarr and Holy Wave, among many others, is known for her raw and haunting musical tones and cathartic storytelling. And now she runs away from unimportant issues and insubstantial questions to immerse us in possible scenarios where nothing is what it seems to be.

“I found myself stepping into the unknown in many ways the past few years, forced to entertain the notion that maybe I didn't know everything, and in that I found freedom,” adds the Austin-based shoegaze dark rock artist. This new video has been shot in Rapid City, South Dakota and Badlands National Park, and it’s a sneak peek of her upcoming album A Fiesta and a Hell, which will be released in fall 2023 with Green Witch Recordings.