Chiefs in Guatemala perform the ritual Dance of Angels and Monkeys, Peruvian girls are given a chance at ballet classes, and in Brazil the Belo Monte power plant affects the Amazon. These are stories of Latin America told through photos by emerging and award-winning photographers, which will be showcased for visitors to enjoy. From 11th to 28th July, the Bronx Documentary Center’s Latin American Foto Festival will take place for its 7th annual event across four of New York City’s boroughs: Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.
LAFF 2024 features an impressive array of photos from countries including Bolivia, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil, showcasing the work of both emerging and established photographers. Each piece offers a unique window into diverse aspects of Latin American life and the challenges faced by these communities. A series by Wara Vargas vividly captures the lives of Bolivian women wearing traditional skirts known as cholas; a shot by Alejandro Cegarra puts the viewer in conversation with the realities of harsh immigration policy dually enforced by Mexico and the United States. Lisandra Alvarez captures simple but stunning moments of daily life in Cuba, and Jorge Santiago covers basketball culture in Oaxaca indigenous communities. 
The festival doesn’t stop at visual displays. Curated by Cynthia Rivera and Michael Kamber, it also includes a variety of community-engaging activities such as in-person workshops, guided tours, panel discussions, and other interactive events. These events aim to deepen the connection between the art and its audience, fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of the stories being told.
Alejandro Cegarra
Identity-At-Play-Basketball-Oaxaca-Jorge-Santiago (22).jpg
Jorge Santiago
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Magda Gibelli
Manuel Almenares
Cubulco Palo Volador-41 copy.jpg
Santiago Billy
Wara Vargas