Reality can be a strange thing, and today its levels of complexity have reached very, very high levels. Technology has turned our lives into a tangle of confusing and confusing interactions, even dividing our world into the real and the virtual. All these complexities into which the world has been dragged converge in the music and dance of Age of Content, the new performance by French dance collective, (La)Horde, with Ballet national de Marseille.
This new performance is a response to the abundance of stimuli and information that a human being faces when interacting with another human being. To do so, they have been inspired by the aesthetic and movements of platforms such as OnlyFans or TikTok to extract from them their characteristic movements and the hyper-exposure to which they subject us to create a provocative and profound choreography where they challenge the limits of the stage to the rhythm of jazz and postmodern dance. In this way, they manage to create an effect in which the dancers seem like internet avatars made flesh, provoking a fascinating strangeness.
(La)Horde is composed of the choreographers and visual artists Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, and Arthur Harel, who direct this show where body and mind merge into a universe of sweat and technology that is incredibly magnetic, slightly sinister, and brutally honest. These three creators have been applauded for their courage in exploring the most complex emotional dynamics through dance and have been taking over the direction of the Ballet national de Marseille since 2019. 
Now, with Age of Content, (La)Horde once again puts the audience in front of the mirror to challenge the limits of the socially established and confront us with the issues of technology and virtual reality. With the photos of the magnificent Edrien Guillermo, we sneak into rehearsals to witness the chemistry and complicity of young performers who are changing the history of dance forever.