With dramatic violins, a piano and percussion as the backdrop of her dreamy vocals, Ladybyrd releases her new single Way Back Home, which captures “a sense of journeying back home in search of self-discovery.” En emerging talent hailing from Buckinghamshire but based in London since years ago, where she’s been free to explore different sides to her artistry (fashion, modelling and, of course, music), Ladybyrd takes this release as a double opportunity to also announce something bigger: her debut album, set to be published at the end 2024.
At just twenty years old, the London-based singer and songwriter is one to watch. She’s already caught the attention of BBC Introducing, as well as other publications who’re following her steps since she debuted with the single Too Close To Call back in 2022. Even though that track was on a more upbeat note, her next release, Stolen Sunlight, was more on the sad-girl genre that characterises her more, pioneered by Lana del Rey and still as relevant as ever with artists like Billie Eilish following in her footsteps.
But comparisons are always unfair, and Ladybyrd stands on a pillar of her own – it’s just that it’s getting built slowly but surely. Her new single, Way Back Home, is another stone that makes it higher, bigger, and better. In it, she beautifully captures the idea of rekindling the connection with a loved one. “And I will find my way back home to you / Did you ever really ever let go? / It’s not like I could let go now,” she sings with her soothing yet emotional voice, backed by a blend of dynamic instrumentation that concludes with even some electronic touches. Powerful and alluring, certainly.
In addition to working in her upcoming album, Ladybyrd is also collaborating with a Hollywood blockbuster composer on vocals for an upcoming TV series. And, of course, more singles are to come now that the news are out. So if I were you, I’d keep an eye on her. In the meantime, enjoy her beautiful Way Back Home.