LACES is clear about what she wants to achieve through her music: “With my songs, I try to be really honest with where I’m at, because if that means somebody else feels a little less alone in their own dysfunction, then I feel okay.” A purpose that starts from her personal experiences in which empathy, understanding and community are very present. Now she surprises us with the release of Super Weirdo LP, an eleven-track album that she unveils while taking a moment to consider her new artistic direction in Los Angeles: “Right now, the music I’m making feels like a conversation and an observation, and less of a judgment.”
The artist, whose legal name is Jessica Vaughn, learned firsthand the ins and outs of an industry that ran her without paying much attention to her needs or her well-being. “I’d done like 27 shows in a row at one point. It was exhausting, and I’d been staying in Motel 6s with my band,” she recounts when she talks about a hectic stage in her career, in which she came to feel restless and alone. And it is because of these vital experiences that LACES now manages to connect with her listeners with fascinating ease through her songs.

Putting honesty before the creation of a fictional character with whom she would act on stage, LACES now presents her new work, Super Weirdo LP. From Almost Happy (feat. Butch Walker) to Permanent (with Archie Faulks), which she refers to as “the anti-love song-love song”, Girlfriend, which she defines as a celebration of who she is, or Underachiever, “a celebration of doing the absolute minimum.” These eleven songs constitute an emotional journey with which you won’t feel alone anytime.
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