From music to photography, film or painting, many different artistic disciplines converge in some creative projects. L Twills knows it well. She transports us to unknown worlds, entering an energetic journey full of nuances, as evidenced in her latest release, Prolog [Mu'tants]. It marks the beginning of the cybernetic sci-fi opera After Her Destruction, whose protagonist –Girl– embarks on a journey through her own mind to find out whether it has mutated. Don't miss the fascinating 12-minute-long video that accompanies the single!
“I made the video for Prolog [Mu'tants] together with filmmaker Helena Wittmann (HUMAN FLOWERS OF FLESH), who did the cinematography, and a team of twelve people in June 2022. The video stars six performers: Haiqing Wang, Don Jegosah, Rebecca de Toro, Anto López Espinosa, Luïza Luz and Suma Abdelsamie,” answers the experimental Tartar-German singer, songwriter, and producer L Twills when asked about the visual piece that comes along with her latest release. This is just a sneak peek of everything that is to come in the next few months. This new track is the first chapter from her anticipated multimedia album arriving in November 2023, comprising ten video chapters and a double LP.

“All of them are friends and have a musical, artistic or activist practice themselves. In the video, we see them as the Choir of Mu'tants in their temple at the sea in an unknown location and time. Every day, the Mu'tants tell a different story reflecting on the opposition between love and war and the exclusion by patriarchal structures. On this day, the story is about Girl, the opera's protagonist,” adds the versatile artist born in Alice Springs and raised in Hamburg about the characters that star in the video for her latest single, Prolog [Mu'tants].