Fresh off the success of their single Rollercoaster, Munich-based indie-pop band Kytes has dropped another single: Happy Hangover. Combining uptempo indie-vibes and electronic disco beats, it is a super fun bop to bob your head to at the club. If Happy Hangover is any indication, then Kytes' new EP Apricosa, coming this July, is sure to be a hit.
The band has said that Happy Hangover will be its new live opener, and it’s easy to see why. The spliced vocal harmonies interspersed with melodic synth sit nicely atop the bouncy beat. The song feels ripe with fresh new energy, which makes sense considering it's the headspace Kytes is in. The band members shared that they can’t wait to go back on tour again, and they’re coming out with bangers to kick off the summer and their return to the live shows. Happy Hangover is the perfect opener to welcome audiences back to Kytes’ indie, dancey sound.

The band, consisting of Michael Spieler, Timothy Lush, Kerim Öke, and Thomas Sedlacek, is set to embark on the Happy Hangover tour in late August, making stops in Munich, Frankfurt, Zürich, and more. As they are known for their standout live shows, this tour is sure to be no different. There will be plenty of time to listen to the Apricosa EP on repeat before the tour starts, so audiences can expect to get these bops stuck in your head and be overly-prepared to sing along when the time comes.