“We’re striving to create a separate ecosystem, where Kseniaschnaider clothes would be a sort of a uniform you’d wear there,” replied designer Anton Schnaider, the creative mind leading Ukrainian brand Kseniaschnaider, when we asked him about his plans for the future in a 2019 interview. And so it has been, he has continued to work tirelessly to bring to life his stunning fashion project that this year celebrates its twelfth anniversary. Now the brand presents the latest addition to its artistic universe, the first-ever Kseniaschnaider bag.
“At first, I wanted to call it the Uncomfortable Bag. But the girls who wore the bag said, come on, it’s comfortable!, so I gave up,” says the designer about the Platform bag, his newest launch. With it, he continues to expand his range of products. The bag is the result of a long process of trial and error until getting the perfect item that encapsulates the essence of the brand but offers something new. One year from conception to launch, four unsuccessful samples, and months of work to perfect the proportions and details.
“This can be compared to the pallet of a crane on which the cargo lies,” adds the designer about his new creation, which is hand-crafted in Ukraine and it’s available on the Kseniaschnaider website. Adorned with textured handles that securely hold the entire structure of the bag, the Platform bag is designed to be ‘parked’ rather than just placed thanks to its structured top handle bag and hard bottom with an engraved Kseniaschnaider logo on it.
“I was thinking about how to make a bag without handles attached to it, but still be able to carry it by handles. Such a brain teaser. The solution was a cosmetic bag standing on a platform. And handles are attached to the platform,” says Anton. His new item, made of 100% polyurethane, is in stock and ready to be shipped. Get yours now!
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