Like many of us, lead vocalist Oliver Martin uses music as an escape, to help process confusing and upsetting thoughts and emotions, resulting in the formation of Krooked Kings, which stemmed from a need to surface repressed feelings. Along with David Macey, Matthew Monossan, Paul Colgan and Quinton Casper, Krooked Kings is a band formed on the premise of ‘euphoric urgency’ and aspiration. And today, they’re releasing a new single titled Catacombs. Have a listen!
In the five-member band’s new song, melancholic and haunting lyrics are mixed with the feel-good sound of indie-rock, creating a track filled with mutual understanding. Singing in the third person, the single speaks of a girl who finds comfort in pain – a very mundane feeling. Despite its sombre lyrics, the track is underpinned by the cyclical sounds of alternative guitar riffs, bringing a sort of peace to the mind, finding solace in the familiarity of its raw and unpolished sound. With a coming-of-age vibe, this track recognises how it feels to face challenges and negativity, giving comfort and ‘empathy, on a broad scale’.
Although influenced by bands like The Strokes or Bon Iver, this single still has a strong sense of authenticity, making it distinctly Krooked Kings. Offering introspective, this track is thoughtful and inner-directed, the ideal listen for when you don’t feel like being alone.
In May 2023, the band published their latest album, All Out of Good Days, and by November had published a couple of more singles, On Again, Off Again and Headhunters. This first release of the new year tells us they might be working on something, so stay tuned for more.