Having got nearly half a million streams on their debut single Wildflower, King Kuda continues to move steadily forward, cementing their presence on the music scene. The four-piece is formed of Ollie (vocals/guitar/production), Perry (bass/keys/guitar), Chris (guitar/keys/electronics) and Charlie (drums/production), who have been bandmates and housemates for 7 years now, and it's now releasing its new single, Velvet Sun. A track in which there is a not easy internal debate between reason and emotion with which we can all feel identified, inspired by a personal struggle that human beings must deal with every day.
“The verses represent the rational, sensitive voice in your head, while the chorus encourages you to let go of your anxieties and enjoy the moment,” they when asked about the meaning behind this new single. A song almost four minutes long in which lead singer Ollie's buttery vocals effortlessly slide across smooth instrumentation to create the perfect closing soundtrack to the summer months. And it is that despite remaining determined on their musical path, the band preserves the DNA that they showed us in their beginnings defined by the fusion of genres and musical subultures to create a sound that is wholly their own.

Because, as King Kuda explains, they are trying to bottle that by bringing raving culture, indie, and hippie culture together. Not an easy purpose in a music scene that tends to classify everything with specific labels and under limiting terms, and where there sometimes seems to be no room for experimentation. Now they want us to say goodbye to summer with their new track, Velvet Sun, with sun-soaked guitar licks and warm melodies.
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