The last time we spoke with singer-songwriter Kendall Amon, she had just released her single Falling in Love, the first song she wrote with a happy ending. Having broken out as the ‘voice’ of the new Tubi film 10 Truths About Love starring Camilla Belle, we anticipated then that her future was promising and that she was on the right track. Today we reiterate this premise, after having listened to her new release, Pity Party. A music video that in just 3 weeks has got more than 250k views on YouTube.
“I wrote Pity Party in the aftermath of another failed relationship. Here I was, sitting there, feeling bad for myself and running through all the moments that could have led to this,” replies the artist when asked about the meaning behind the song, which comes along with a music video directed by Josh Kim and produced by One Call Productions. “I came to the conclusion that I am the common denominator of all my failed relationships, therefore I might actually be the problem,” she adds about her latest single, which is about all the ways we self-sabotage in life.

Seeking to inspire her listeners to dissolve their own illusions and indulge in their imperfections, this new single is a reminder that throwing ourselves a little pity party is also part of the healing process. “But I don't want to wake up at 20 something / Still thinking how we came to nothing,” sings Kendall Amon, whose dream is to see people singing her lyrics and songs one day. And we are sure that there are already many people who cover her creations after having found a brilliant connection in the messages she shares through music.
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