“This year we decided to focus on colour, one of K-Way pillars, and celebrate it by giving it a voice,” says Lorenzo Boglione, Executive Vice-President of BasicNet SpA and CEO of K-Way SpA and Sebago Srl about the brand’s new Fall/Winter 2024 show. Presented at BasicVillage Milan during the latest menswear fashion week, the Italian brand took to the runway to introduce its R&D collection, whose goal is to explore “new forms, colours, and materials.”
Certainly, it was a colourful show, especially against the backdrop of a white box setting, which highlighted the different hues and tonalities of the technical clothes. Because let’s not forget that K-Way is famous for its techwear, especially rainwear. “Geometry and shape are important, but equally crucial are innovation, boldness, and protection – the elements that distinguish us,” states Boglione. With that in mind, K-Way has presented a Fall/Winter collection that merges a strong sports component with a more fashion-forward approach, which translates into floor-sweeping raincoats, zip-up corsets and pencil skirts, or faux fur jackets.
This fashion-forward approach was also highlighted by the great styling (by Marc Goehring) including jackets worn as skirts, lots of layering, and monochrome looks (red, white, military green, navy blue, light grey), also supported by strong accessories like ski goggles, gaiters, or small handbags. As we’re also seeing in other shows of Milan Fashion Week, K-Way gets into the office mood with many looks including buttoned-up shirts, ties, elegant quilted jackets, and formal trousers, thus enriching our day-to-day wardrobe staples with a pop of colour and technical touch.
In addition, and strengthening its link to art and culture, K-Way collaborated with artist Anna Franceschini for the runaway show. As Boglione explains, she “uses movement to challenge common objects of everyday use; her art emerges from the agitation of forms, lights, and colors. We create jackets that protect against water and wind. Allowing her to experiment with our fabrics and shapes has been invaluable for us; it gave a voice to our Le Vrai 3.0, one of K-Way®’s flagship fabrics.”