Every day we are barraged by thousands of images, many of no interest to us whatsoever but some have the power to inspire. Jean-Philippe and Pierre decided to embark on the Neverending Moodboard as a means of collecting an influx of images and subsequently transforming it into an endless universe that they define as a showcase of their way of thinking and working.
For them, it’s all about synthesizing and organizing their daily inspirations as well as content on Instagram and then organizing it into a collage of images that reveal their true identity.
Hi Jean-Philippe and Pierre! First of all, how did JPPM come about?
JPPM is the coming together of two people by way of a sketch of a printed green dress posted on Facebook in 2007. After 8 years of friendship, observation and alchemy it was clear we needed to create something together because we have a similar sensibility, approach and vision towards Creativity with a capital C. The concept of JPPM first came out on Instagram last October as a good project to start after our summer break.
You define yourselves as a “multi-creative concept label”, could you tell us a bit more about that?
JPPM is hosting a number of projects, including an art direction course for young fashion designers; the development of Inked-brodery, a limited edition embroidered collection due for release next year and to top-it-all-off, the Neverending Moodboard which serves as a showcase for our way of thinking and working. The Neverending Moodboard on Instagram is just a teaser. At first it was just a means of describing our universe quietly, but it quickly became an exciting project much like a growing creative puzzle.
Jean-Philippe, you've a long history with brands such as Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix, and you Pierre have worked in the fashion and editorial world. How have your past experiences influenced your career path?
I don't know if our past experiences really influence JPPM when it comes to projects like these. Our experiences were for sure very structured and necessary, and definitely helped us to have a good eye and conviction in regards to the fashion industry.
Is the Neverending Moodboard your first collaboration together? Where did the idea come from?
It's our first "upload-public-collaboration". The Neverending Moodboard is all about synthesizing and organizing what we see in our daily lives. It essentially makes sense of what we are. Tell me what you're looking at and we will tell you who you are. Every time you open Instagram, the saturation of images is intoxicating like a crazy blast of energy popping up. Bored of having a folder full of screenshots on our computer, we decided to create the Neverending Moodboard in order to return to not-selfie, but inspiration sharing.
Sexy guys, urban culture, art, fashion... What else inspires you?
We are very open-minded to all inspiration; there is a huge process of discovery/research in our way of working.
For example, JPPM inspirations are as diverse as an antique brooch at the V&A Museum; to a vivid drawing by Richard Haines; to a young guy's tattooed chest; to a F/W 2015-16 embroidered Dries Van Noten top; to the profile of a flamingo; to a 17th century painting; to a slice of bismuth; to the last Loewe campaign directed by JW Anderson, shot by Steven Meisel, styled by Benjamin Bruno and organized by MMparis...
To what extent is the Moodboard planned? Have you ideas in mind when putting the collages together or is it something more organic, created as images are encountered?
With the Neverending Moodboard the combinations of images are made intuitively, each one finds its own place, one after the other.
When Prada boy by Unskilled Worker is styled with a Western-Desert handmade basket from the British Museum as a hat and a Louis Vuitton brooch designed by Camille Miceli on his lapel jacket- it's just an instantaneous point of view that exists for that very moment.
Is it a temporary project?
Not at all, it's just the beginning of a life’s work. We never want to stop the Neverending Moodboard!
The mix between art and fashion is clear; I suppose that is a result of your personal and professional experience. Do you believe fashion is an art?
We'd like to quote Monsieur Pierre Bergé: "Fashion is an art when it's made by an artist…"
Is your work 100% digital? What tools do you usually use?
The Neverending Moodboard is 100% digital only if you consider a sculpture’s work to be 100% manual. There are no tools; you basically just need an Instagram account and after that it’s all about the creative-ability to build a magic puzzle.
For the rest of our work it depends. It could be 100% manual or 100% intellectual.
I’m assuming that the research process takes a lot of time sitting in front of your computer, listening to music and with many cups of coffee involved...What is a typical day in the life of JPPM?
Our research is mainly picture results from Instagram and safari screen-shot’s- this is the Neverending Moodboard way. Since beginning, we’ve collected 5 000 screenshots but only organized 500. To feed our never-ending collage we do have to do a lot of research on Instagram by looking at our feed and also surfing links between images and sources. It's a never-ending occupation, from morning until night, between meetings, shoots, drinks and discussions…it's become a real addiction. The thing that takes up most of our time is taking a step back after the blast of imagery; this is very often during the night with coffee, cigarettes and good music. Then the images start to fit together. You see "moodboarding" is not our only occupation; we both have many other projects on the side.
I read that JPPM has an important role in supporting young designers. Tell me more about that.
We are of course trying to keep a prospective eye on new talents, to support and share their work and build a creative community. Sometimes we are also treated as the talent, they support us by sharing our work. When it happens it truly is a creative collaboration. Instagram is an amazing way of promoting skill and we had the pleasure of discovering, meeting and sharing one of them recently. Unskilled Worker is a London-based self-taught artist and illustrator who kindly shares our work as much as we share hers. She has an amazing talent, I remember the first time we saw one of her drawings, we were fascinated by her way of using colours, her style is sensitive and beautiful- we could not resist sharing this discovery.
With whom would you like to collaborate in the future?
We would love to work with Jonathan Anderson: he is the cleverest young designer/conductor on the stage. He understood perfectly that fashion is not only fashion; clothing is about the photographer, campaigns are about styling, accessories are about set designing, branding is about art. Olivier Fabre, so we could make a pair of beautiful gloves at Millau for next winter. Muiccia Prada, her way of working and running her fashion brand is fascinating. She is one of the first to involve art into fashion, very impressive. Jenna Lyons, so we could help her to be the woman that dresses the world. Barnabé Fillion, one of the most relevant olfactive artists. Olivier Saillard, one of the most brilliant fashion curators. Tilda Swinton, one of the most inspiring women...
Finally, what’s coming up next?
Next step: September 2015 on jppm.fr with an interactive solution.