After winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020 for Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is once again stepping into the clown-esque villain in Joker: Folie à Deux. Filmmaker Todd Phillips presents the sequel to his acclaimed 2019 movie, only this time, there is another mega star we should all pay attention to: Lady Gaga, who’s playing Harley Quinn. The delusional relationship between the two deranged villains from the Batman franchise takes a new light as music gains prominence in this new film that adds to the rich history of the two. Warner Bros. Pictures has just released the official trailer, watch it here!
Joker was a phenomenal movie, there’s no much debate about it. But what are the expectations for the sequel? Some fans seem concerned, while others are visibly excited. The newly released trailer is somewhat mysterious: is it going to be a musical, or will music just play an important role without taking centre stage? Will these two meet in prison and escape, or is everything constructed by their imaginative, out-of-touch minds? It’s hard to tell, but regardless, the much-awaited film has just started to create the hype that will last until fall. Are you ready?