With James Dean and Steve McQueen as his main referents, John Paul Fauves presents his new series of works, Alts iz Farloyrn (translated as All is Lost), on a one-night-only exhibition in Los Angeles, presented and curated by JM Art Management in collaboration with Noctem Group. On May 23, head to Sunset Plaza Hub and discover his large-scale paintings depicting some of old Hollywood’s dearest icons and today’s most popular cartoons. 
The title of the exhibition may sound odd at first, but it’s actually the first line that Steve McQueen ever said on stage. But it has a more personal meaning as well. “I have personally lost it all and what I’ve learned is when you lose it all, you can win it all again and create a new beginning!”, explains the Costa Rican artist. Although based in San José, in his country, Fauves is hugely inspired by pop culture, especially from the United States, and his work is characterized for depicting figures like Marilyn Monroe, Disney characters, and playing shamelessly and wittily with art history references – from German Expressionism to Cubism and, of course, Pop Art.

In his new set of works, you’ll see Frankenstein-like characters mixing parts of Spongebob Squarepants, Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty. As per the two male actors that serve as the exhibition’s main inspiration, there are four portraits that, together, read ‘Steve McQueen Loved Cocaine’, and some more portraits where James Dean’s face is intertwined with vintage cars and popular TV characters, with quotes such as ‘I am Ferrari’, ‘Run Baby Run’, or ‘I Am Going Fast’. Do you fancy an artsy ride? Then, click on this link to RSVP to attend the exhibition.
The exhibition Alts iz Farloyrn, by John Paul Fauves, will take place on May 23 at Sunset Plaza Hub, 2183 Sunset Plaza Drive, Los Angeles.
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