Having received widespread praise for his previous releases and garnered numerous accolades within the music industry, Joey Maxwell stands as a true powerhouse in the modern music realm. The artist emerging from South London now presents his new single, hollowing out, along with a music video. This is his first release on Natureland Records and as an independent artist, a turning point in his career that has allowed him to reconnect with himself and with the identity of his musical project, welcoming a new era full of illusion and optimism.
“Pulling together this release and re-claiming my creativity has reminded me how much I truly love this, after some really difficult moments as an artist I have total gratitude for everyone that is still here supporting me,” Maxwell shared with his followers earlier today on his social media, coinciding with the release of his latest single, hollowing out. Proving once again that his artistry knows no bounds, this new song is about letting the doubt take hold of you, about those thoughts of self-rejection and invalidation that eat away at you from the inside out.

“As the song progresses it finds ways to live with those feelings, they are thoughts that most of us have to live with every day but it's about searching for those coping mechanisms,” adds the artist when asked about this latest release, hollowing out, whose accompanying music video emerges as a cinematic journey, skillfully melding various striking visuals and evocative storytelling, resulting in a visual masterpiece that takes the song's narrative and punk energy to unprecedented heights. This is just the beginning of his new stage in his musical adventure, and we are looking forward to finding out what’s next in his career.