If you’re looking for escapism from the dejected state of the world – look no further. Joanie is here to gather up your aching soul and pump it full of what is best described as impeccable vibes. In a darkened hall, lit like a stage, this cinematic video for the new single Honeytrap runs over with high glamour and empowered sensuality. Dressed in striking outfits and dripping with handmade jewellery Joanie is a vision of decadence, but the story is not what you expect.
The artist shares with METAL, “This song is about breaking free from cycles, particularly within a romantic context. When conceptualising the video, I aimed to convey the idea of turning inward and embracing solitude as a path to self-renewal—a journey of self-discovery akin to cocooning in darkness to find one's inner light.” Released on one of the most orchestrated days of romance, this song is for the queens taking the day to do something a bit different. Honeytrap has a Madonna and Kylie type beat that feels like it’s celebrating the moment, no matter how you’re spending it.
“Don’t want to hear your pillow talk you’re giving me whiplash” is the opening lyric of the song followed by some criticism of the way her partner walks. It’s the classic warning signs of a relationship on the rocks. Everything they do – you hate. As she delivers this Joanie slinks along, cutting a beautiful silhouette in the dark. Visually, the video references David Lynch whose portrayal of women using stark contrasts and against black backdrops resonated with Joanie deeply. The inherent beauty of womanhood is key to this story too. Hyper-femininity is really amplified by her slow, catlike movements. This woman-focused production directed by Ash Halliburton has us wrapped up in Joanie’s world. 
Self-styled with jewellery by Anni Barros, custom-made for the project, and couture gloves by Karmen Keeley the concept of honey trapping – “a scheme in which a victim is lured into a compromising sexual situation to provide an opportunity for blackmail” has been turned on its head as she sings “you’re my honey trap” in exquisite outfits. Speaking about Anni Barros Joanie explained, “Her interpretation of my lyrics was really intuitive, as she translated them into a captivating silver spiral design adorned with dripping rubies, symbolising blood and the pain of a broken heart.” 
Joanie shares with us, “I find the idea of Honey Trapping intriguing, particularly its association with women as the femme fatale.” She certainly embodies that femme fatale and if you weren’t listening to the lyrics the truth of the song could pass you by. “It resonates with me, given that one of my parents was a spy. However, I'm interested in flipping the script and exploring the idea of the masculine as a honeytrap.” She adds, “My music often delves into gender stereotypes, and I'm curious about using art to challenge and subvert these expectations.” So, the man whose pillow talk is far from ideal is the honey trap. Honeytrap encourages us to unlearn assumptions of power dynamics.