While influencers and bloggers make us believe that the success of social media will last forever, more and more people (including artists) are calling into question the rules that govern the digital ecosystem. London-born, Los Angeles-based artist Jmsey challenges the performative nature of social media on his new single, Instaham. A release with which he joins the wave of creators who think about the future of digital platforms, facing our irremediable need for acceptance fostered by the virtual ecosystem.
The alt-pop artist, who is the keytarist for the popular Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers, presents the new chapter of his solo project. A song along with a vibrant music video with which he asks questions about the impact that social media have on our lives. From our perception of beauty to political polarisation or widespread misinformation, digital tools have many damaging effects on our society. Without neglecting the positive impact and the possibilities it offers us.

Instaham is about superficiality, the need for acceptance that social media have favoured. A parallel reality where we all can comment and criticise indiscriminately, and where our talent seems to depend on the likes or the comments our publications receive. Jmsey shares his thoughts in the form of chaotic punk riffs and catchy pop melodies, presenting one of the greatest contemporary complexities. Now it is more important than ever before to position ourselves and speak out on certain issues that affect all of us, avoiding indifference and inaction as the only way to make the world a better place. And the artist is taking action.