Just in time for the sunnier months, so in love wth u is the perfect soundtrack for everyone’s bucket-list summer. Having started production in 2020, Jiwon’s new single has the perfect nostalgic feel – particularly when paired with its synthesised 1975 vibes. The artist wanted to ensure everything was perfect before releasing the single, which is evident when you listen to the track.
Based in NYC, Jiwon is surrounded by creatives which I’m sure has influenced the evolution of his work, especially when you consider the shift in the music industry since 2020. His smooth and expansive vocals make for the ideal tunefulness that captures the true essence of knowing you’re not right for someone and being ok with that.
so in love wth u’s rising and falling melody keeps you hooked, with the climactic ending finishing the track in a rosy flurry that leaves a lasting impression. Strong and consistent, so in love with you carries a firm beat making it a memorable and catchy track that you will be singing along to after one listen.