Classically trained electro-R&B singer Jessy Lanza has been slowly but unapologetically captivating our hearts with her soft voice and sensual beats for the last three years. Following her successful debut album, Pull My Hair Back, she went on tour with Caribou, and then got back to the studio to record Oh No, which will be released by London label Hyperdub next 13th of May. We emailed the Hamilton-based pianist while she's on tour with Junior Boys to ask her about the tropical psychedelic video she made for the instant club hit It Means I Love You, the odds of being away from home and her musical background. 
When did you first know you wanted to become a musician?
I started taking piano lessons at very young age, and my parents encouraged me to go to school for music because they are musicians themselves. It’s always been the biggest part of my life and I’ve never really wanted to do anything else. 
Even though you've been classically trained, your music could be more related to electronic R&B and clubbing, how is that so?
Classical training was one part of my experience in music, but creatively I’m influenced by pop music.
Your debut album Pull My Hair Back was so minimalistic and whimsical, we can kind of feel that same vibe with the visuals of your new video, It Means I Love You, although the music is much more danceable and catchy in a way. How do you think your musical style has developed since your first work?
With Oh No I have been focused on making a pop record, and had a vision of doing that as Jeremy Greenspan and I worked together. With Pull My Hair Back there really was a lot more of experimenting and happy accidents. Not that Oh No doesn’t have accidents or some uncertainty, but I think with this record I was more confident. 
Do people dance a lot more at your shows now? I would definitely do so!
(Laughs) yeah. There is definitely more dancing.
On the album cover you're wearing some sort of beautiful shiny invisibility cape. Do you choose carefully the clothes you're gonna wear for every show? 
I'm glad you like the cape, it belongs to John Smith, who directed the video for It Means I Love You. I think he may have found it in the garbage or some sort of rejected fabric bin. I don’t actually spend a lot of time thinking about my clothes.
Was touring with Caribou something big for you?
Yeah, it was a great experience. I got to sing the song Second Chance that Dan Snaith and I wrote together every night during Caribou’s set as well, which was very surreal when I think back on it. 
What are your plans after this long tour? Will you get some rest or go back to recording?
I want to get back into my studio as soon as possible!
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