Grunge is back, baby. At least for Jessiqa Jones, who’s just released her new track it’s milk, DON’T CRY!, which according to herself “was one of the most meaningful songs I’ve ever written and most seemingly effortless to write.” Heartfelt, raw, and honest, the singer-songwriter’s newest track “emphasizes on the feeling of adolescence and consoling oneself by minimizing and downplaying the conflicts one faces in life,” she explains.
It’s true that artists are usually lighthouses that help their audiences navigate their emotions, guiding us through a maze of feelings that are usually heard to pinpoint or even define. That’s why it’s important for us to keep listening to music, reading books, watching films and series, and experiencing art in all its shapes and forms. But that vulnerability they show to us comes with its consequences. Speaking of how it’s milk, DON’T CRY! came to be, Jessiqa shared with her Instagram followers: “I wrote this a little over a year ago and didn’t know if it would’ve ever seen the light of day. This is the first song I’ve produced and fully written and took MANY MANY miles of my guts and sensitive ego to show people.” 
Certainly, we can feel that in the song. Delving into grunge – “a genre I had grown up loving, but always felt dismissive of creating in,” Jessiqa shares –, the song kicks off with a distorted guitar riff that gradually incorporates percussion and her beautiful vocals. “Some days I’ll let you win / Some days you hurt,” she sings in the introductory lyrics. Fuelled by angst but also sadness, the sixteen-year-old artist is able to speak about her emotions. “This song helped me learn a lot about myself and deal with things of the past, head on. To also make a song that I feel represents so much insecurity, it’s just brought a lot of sense of self.”