Wife, mother, singer and songwriter, Jessie Ware has just blessed us with another one of her dance anthems. Last year, she decided to delve deeper into her 80s-inspired roots to release her fourth album, What’s Your Pleasure, given the success it ultimately had, it is no wonder that she is coming out with a platinum edition of her record from the album on June 11. In the meantime, her groovy disco-inspired music has made its way through her new single, Please
Back in 2020, Ware worked with the Parisian duo, I Could Never Be a Dancer, to direct the music video for Spotlight. Since then, this gorgeous partnership has created every other video and live performance from her latest album. It is therefore a no-brainer that Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou have given us yet another masterpiece by directing her new single’s music video.

Influenced by the upbeat party-like tunes of the era, Ware continues to give us a look into the music of the past generation through much loved synthesiser-like music. The music video encompasses a timeless and ideal celebration that gathers a variety of people united by the love of music and dance. Colourful prints and extravagant dance moves are just a few of the aesthetics featured throughout this buoyant single. In the directors' own words in Please "We wanted to film a celebration, a timeless, ideal party that gathers gorgeous people of all kinds, united by the love of music and dance, with Jessie’s benevolence."
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