Jesse Draxler is an artist with an obscure state of mind. He finds his everyday balance in working on his art--in whatever spontaneous sense he's feeling in each moment. There's a dark beautiful mystery in his body of work that's both enticing and gut-wrenching. Currently living in California, Jesse will tell you, I don't pay much attention to the art world, and respectably so because art is his world as he stays locked away in his studio creating abstract wonders. His collage work and paintings will leave a spectator wanting to understand what goes on in Draxler's imaginative mind from the inside out. Imprinted by Einstein's words Jesse's world is filled with acquiring knowledge--and learning you will never know everything in this world--and quite possibly that hunger to want more knowledge every time you gain new knowledge is what keeps Jesse creating and discovering more about himself in each moment.
How do you define the art that you make?
I try not to.
You have a rather abstract eye. Where does your eye for abstraction come from?
The reality I choose to believe in is pretty abstract, everything is somewhat unclear. I have an abstract point of view.
Do you feel that you know who you are at this point in your life and career?
To quote Einstein: “The more I learn the less I know.”
What is something that can always stop you in your tracks and make you happy?
Creating good work. That might sound cheesy but it's true. I can feel when I hit on something right--that's the best feeling I’ve ever felt. It lasts only moments but it gives me literal chills.
What are your feelings on the current art world?
I don’t have any. In all honesty I don’t pay much attention to the art world. I know of some artists and I pay close attention to aesthetics but as far as movements or big name players, galleries, etc - I don’t really know.
Is it fair to say the art world has changed a lot, and do you think it's for the better if so?
Changed a lot since when? I wouldn’t know either way.
How do you bring yourself to a calm as a creative when you are feeling lost or bothered?
Work--just make shit. Doesn’t matter what it is. I’ll move around some paper elements or paint something black--doesn’t have to be ground breaking but the act of creative contact with a material can be like xanax.
Tell me more about your art?
Be more vague.
For the sake of an abstract question, if your art was your lover what would his or her personality be like?
A sociopath.
At the end of the day what are you dreaming about?
The work I want to make, the ideas and emotions I want to express, what it would feel like to be satisfied.