His music speaks truths. Jeshi, the East London rapper gives us a reflection on today’s society and what the future has in store for us and the youth. An artist who definitely sees beyond lyrics, whar he aims for is what he gives. He's inspired by those rappers who bring a new sound and as a result, he offers us a hypnotic production with synthy instrumentals. Jeshi started off recording from a Nintendo Wii game karaoke microphone plugged into his laptop, and now has performed at the renowned Colors sessions or Boiler Room. After coming out with Hit by a Train and Sick, he now presents the music video for his single Generation. A new release to this new phase, giving us a hint of what to expect from his upcoming new album.
His words come from what he has gone through. That may be why we can see how he has evolved, shaping his music to his ever-changing persona. And of course, the years add up industry knowledge. He grew up listening to popular rap music such as 50 Cent, but once he started listening to to Lana del Rey and Toro Y Moi, he discovered a whole new world and a new understanding of music. In these times where we rarely pay attention to the present moment, Jeshi brings us brutally honest songs that make us connect to his story.

“Generation fucked up, generation on pills, generation unloved,” the first words already give us an idea of where the artist is trying to take us. A social portrayal of what’s to come. We can often find ourselves lost, it’s way easy falling into a loop of discouragement. At the end of the day, we are “generation no hope,” as he keeps on repeating. It seems like we have no optimistic path to follow, nothing to aim for. Our lifestyles are unsustainable, and we are constantly immersed in damaging and numbing activities trying to escape from reality. And that’s exactly what we see in the music video: kids smoking, addicted to their smartphones, throwing rocks at a delivery guy… What we experience growing up ends up shaping us, and there are some harsh realities out there. Why not give it a listen?
Jeshi Generation 1.jpg