Following his 2022 EP Castle Tapes, which, like his debut album Dotted Red, was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award, electronic producer Jerry Folk is releasing today his new single and video, Better Days, together with his secondary alias, FENGSEL. Having demonstrated not to stick to a single genre, the producer is inspired by medieval sounds, UK punk, and ‘90s breakbeat music, trying to find a unique middle ground between the three. And this new single comes along with an exciting music video.
“It's coming out as a collab between Jerry Folk and my FENGSEL alias. It's hard to explain but when some things I make get a certain nerve, I want to have it in the FENGSEL universe,” says Jerry Folk, who made this track in LA last year around the same time he made his last EP, Castle Tapes. Having remixed Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and Oh Wonder, and produced for artists like Alina Baraz, Axwell Ingrosso and Lemaitre in the past, to name a few, he now keeps going on his musical journey.

The video that comes along with his latest release, Better Days, is pervaded by a nostalgic mode. We watch as a boy develops into a teenager and then a man. As the video progresses, we see his interests change, from playing to drawing to listening to music. Watching it brings back old feelings, a sense of longing for the days we once had, the so-called better days of youth. “Your sound is incredible, keep going! Will be listening,” commented one of his followers in the first post he shared on FENGSEL's Instagram profile more than two years ago. And we’re sure that many more people will be following him at every step he takes.