It is not surprising that Jeremy Troy has ended up dedicating himself to music. The offspring of legendary, Grammy Award-Winning Zydeco Musicians, the Carrier family from Louisiana, has been surrounded by art since he was a child. Music has been part of his life from a very young age, and now he collects all the influences adding a powerful dose of identity and personality in the form of a distinctive sound that fuses Afro-American and Northern European musical traditions while transmitting influences of jazz, soul, psych rock, house and hip-hop. Today he’s releasing his debut single Flower and announcing he’s got an EP coming later in the year!
“I wrote Flower during a time of my life where I was really wondering who I was supposed to be,” Troy replies when asked about the experiences that became the starting point for the composition of his new single, Flower. A song he defines as “a journey about choosing life” that hides a deep meaning with which we can all feel identified. Who has not felt lost at some point in his life? Have you never had doubts about who you were, the decisions you made or the path you were taking in life?

The 23-year-old Louisiana-born, Århus-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and rapper champions the exploration of oneself and the connection with the inner self in his debut single. These universal feelings show that the young artist makes music a language with which to express questions, without fear of being vulnerable or sharing doubts and thoughts with his audience. “I tried to express that doubt and emptiness in a positive and hopeful way. I hope that the listener (who might have similar feelings), finds optimism and a sense of curiosity in the song. It’s all good. We are all lost and will all be found.”