After releasing seven-track album Sunny side up earlier this month, French singer, producer and musician Jean Tonique now publishes the music video for the track that gives name to the album. The absurd and even ridiculous meets the surreal in this audio-visual piece co-directed by Seb Auger and Pierre Teulieres.
In the video, we see Jean waking up in his room – the wall decorated with a poster of himself and a fried egg, similar to the album’s artwork cover –, choosing one of his multiple white t-shirts with the In-n-out logo, and heading to the kitchen to have some breakfast, where his cute dog receives him with a not-so-cute, ‘Hey! Fuckhead! I’m starving!’ From here, the music video takes all kinds of different twists and turns and becomes a psychedelic experience where absurdity, nonsense, humour, TV and internet culture all mix, which results in an unclassifiable piece that sort of recalls the film Rat Race. If you don’t believe me, just watch it yourself!
Jean Tonique.jpg