Jake Huffman knows well how the music industry works. Having seen its gear from the inside since he was 14 years old when he and his band McLovins posted on YouTube a cover of Phish's You Enjoy Myself from his parents' basement in Connecticut and the music video went viral, the artist has been able to learn from his experiences. He is now focused on his personal musical project, with which he explores the questions that go round and round in his head and unleashes his emotions. Today we talk about his new release, Martyr, a euphoric realm of indie pop rock in which he explores a commentary about dying on a hill.
“Everywhere I look people are spouting their beliefs while contradicting themselves in the same breath. The world has become so polarizing and I wanted this song to encapsulate that energy,” Huffman replies when we ask him about the main idea on which he’s built his latest single, Martyr. The release comes after having unveiled songs that already exceed seventy thousand listeners on Spotify such as Giving It a Try, Wild Child or his acclaimed Just a Little More.

Exploring a journey into creativity and having shared the stage with Blink-182, Foster The People, BB King and The Flaming Lips, Jake plunges us into his exciting personal world with his personal solo project. Being able to create broadening soundscapes with precision, this new single was written, recorded and produced at the world-renowned PowerStation New England Studio and forms a cohesive ode to his upcoming EP. New times for an artist who has experimented with different formulas in music and seems to have found a place where he feels very comfortable and can express his thoughts and feelings with absolute freedom.