Jacquemus' latest collections have already been pointing towards all things related to sports. In its Spring/Summer 2022 collection we saw nods to swimmers' polo shirts, swimsuits and stretch textiles related to athleisure. Now, after 3 years in the making, Simon Porte Jacquemus said on his Instagram: “finally, the sneakers are here!” They are collaborating with Nike and so far, we have been able to see dresses with t-shirt fabric and belts with the sports brand's logo and a preview of the long-awaited sneakers. The collection will have around fifteen pieces and will go on sale on June 28 exclusively through Jacquemus' website, don't miss out!
Jacquemus X Nike 3.jpg
Jacquemus X Nike 6.jpg
Jacquemus X Nike 9.jpg
Jacquemus X Nike 8.jpg
Jacquemus X Nike 7.jpg
Jacquemus X Nike 1.jpg