Encouraging us to create our own party wherever we are through his new single House Party, Jack Powers explicitly demands us lay our worries on the dance floor, reach out to the nearest warm body and make the space our own. Delivering a powerful and empowering message in his just-released song that comes along with a music video directed by himself, choreographed with Abdur-Rahim Jackson and accompanied by dancers Alaia and Maxfield Haynes, the lifelong New Yorker and rising pop-performance artist demonstrates a limitless creative identity.
House Party is about a crazy night out on the Lower East Side with my friends who are all Popstars. We were in a club, but when I looked around, it felt like a house party. Everywhere you go, you have the opportunity to turn that space into your own epic house party,” Powers replies decisively when asked about the meaning behind his latest single, which was produced by Kitty, aka The Pom-Poms, whose music has inspired him and his friends for years. 
“Working with her feels like plugging into the source of this style of music. I’m so grateful to collaborate with her and push what has influenced me so much into new sonic territories together,” adds the artist, whose new single weaves between bubblegum pop and underground club music, with an utterly intoxicating beat at its core. Making a strong case for the contender for the soundtrack for Pride, this is just a sneak peek of everything that is to come this year. House Party is an ode to freedom, to connecting with oneself, to dancing as if there were no tomorrow.