Having been closely connected to music after falling in love with music at a young age, Montreal-based singer-songwriter-producer Jace Carrillo is now releasing his new single, Moviendo. Combining Latin music with traditional American styles, he is set to release his highly anticipated sophomore album Phenomena, which began with R&B/pop-influenced singles Desapareces, Taking Off, Lunatica, Equinox, and the song he has just presented. On this latest release, the artist has collaborated with Alyko, Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal for mixing and Felipe Tichauer for RedTraxx Mastering. The cover art picture was taken by Phillipe Thibault, and the whole edition was made by Ricardo Ríos.
Born and raised in Valencia (Venezuela), Jace Carrillo has been pursuing his dream of dedicating himself to music for years. Making this universal language a way to mix his influences and his sources of inspiration while releasing emotions and sharing them with his audience, his just-released track captures the essence of a tropical romance. “The song aims to transport listeners to a romantic date on the beach where a couple falls in love,” explains the artist about a track that is inspired by his Caribbean roots.
Following the references of other tropical artists such as Ric Hassani, Yera, and Omah Lay, this latest release is the result of collaborating with Panamanian artist Alyko on the writing and production process. “The song repeats the idea that two people are following each other and enjoying each other's company, willing to take the risk to let themselves go with the flow, like water,” adds Carrillo, who on his forthcoming album Phenomena is telling the story of a love journey where a space traveller gets lost on a different but interesting planet, discovering that self-esteem is key during lonely times. You can see him live at his upcoming acoustic show on May 25 in Montreal. He'll also be performing at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto from June 5 to June 10, marking his second appearance at the event.