Drawing inspiration either from the mundane and the eccentric, Josefina Larsson graduated from the Fashion MA course at Central Saint Martins college in 2010. Then she founded her label in late 2011: Jåal Atelier, focusing on a complex, multiple but sharp woman's silhouette. Between hype and crafts, we took a glimpse at her universe.
Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What type of person are you? What are you curious about?
Im curious about everything… nature, science, paintings, art, film, people… I'm always asking for details when people are telling stories and I can get really absorbed by things.
What about this "Atelier" in your brand's name? Does it have something to see with an artisanal confection?
Almost all garments are made here in the studio, the atelier, and I wanted to highlight that the garments are craft made and that there’s a consideration for high quality and luxury fabrics. And the word atelier has always been one of my favorite words… in all languages. I knew for a long time I wanted to include it in my future label. I like the way in which the letters follow and I like that it also tells a story about where the actual process of making the garment happens.
How do you conceive your collections?
Inspiration is always around. I see something and collect ideas of shapes, attitudes, images and details… everything really. And then it evolves in a very organic way, I have a quite clear image of what I want the result to be like in the very beginning of the process, but let the materials shape the collection too.
The name JAAL is made from the initials of inspiring women from your family. Which ones? How important is your family story for you and for your brand?
My family means a lot for me. The initials for JAAL are mine, my great grandmothers, my mum and my grandmother's. They are all very inspirational women in many different ways and there life stories have shaped who I am. I liked the idea that their heritage would keep on living together with me to something new.
Do you think you are part of a special Swedish fashion movement?
I lived in London for six years were I had all my education so my view of fashion is more British / European though I think my aesthetics may be influenced by nature and cool scenery that gives the overall mood to my clothing. Also that the garments are practical and functional might be part of the Swedish way of thinking.
Then how important are your origins to you and how do they appear trough your work?
I love Swedish nature and I feel at ease living here so I guess that influences my work in a way which wouldn’t happen if I were living somewhere I don’t like living. Somehow, in an unconscious way, I probably try to make the garments fit in this environment as well.
Do you have some fashion mentors?
Not really. Everything Louise Wilson taught me during my MA at saint Martins I can recall when needed, and I sort of try and think what she would say or approved on. I left Sweden to go to London because the fashion education there is the best.
What is important to you - apart from fashion?
My family, art, food, beautiful things, silence, music, dreams…
Are you planning to take part in the next Stockholm Fashion Week? How did your brand grow during the past few years and what are you planning for the future?
I would love to but in a more intimate format I believe. I am quite comfortable with the lookbook presentation format for now. Then I'm planning to increase my sales! And I would love to make a swimwear collection…