Honouring the work of photographers, Ivo Dimchev has just released his new single and music video, SHOT, which is a love letter, or maybe a letter of gratitude to all these people who are making other people look and feel special with the photos they make. The Award-winning singer-songwriter, visual artist, choreographer, actor, and theatre director based between New York and Sofia shows a unique personality and incredible creativity with every new project, and you can see him in concert on June 30 in New York and on July 5 in San Francisco.
“For a while, I had the idea to make a music video based on a strange photoshoot taking place in different locations. One day I filmed the video and I hoped that it would fit some of my songs, and I have many songs waiting for a video. I tried several tracks but nothing really fit the raw video footage,” says the versatile artist, who started writing songs in his early 40s but already has an impressive repertoire of original songs. Do you want to know what he did then? Write a new song that would fit the video. It was then that Dimchev wrote SHOT, dedicated to all good photographers.

“I think it was time for someone to write a ‘thank you’ song to all good photographers. So I took this sweet responsibility,” adds the author of more than forty dance theatre productions presented in festivals all around the world in the last fifteen years, whose art was described by The New Yorker as “extravagant exuberance.” Let's celebrate the talent of these image professionals who, from behind the cameras, keep musical, audiovisual projects and magazines exciting.