Completely connected to the current world, Indiana Williams now releases his debut EP, Digital Heartbreak. Six songs in which he reviews his experiences and reflections on the era in which he lives, one defined by interpersonal connections through the virtual universe, the paradigm shift accelerated by the emergence of social networks and the emotional effects that this technological revolution provokes. His track Connected comes together with a nostalgic visualiser directed and filmed by Ally Chen.
“The EP explores concepts of different emotions and experiences you go through with online dating,” explains the artist who started acting at a very young age and who now consolidates his personal sound in this new work. “The feeling of a One-Sided Love, becoming a Heartbreaker through ghosting and one-night stands, feeling like you can Picture This perfect relationship with someone you haven’t even met, reminiscing the feeling of being Connected to someone even when it would never work out and finally, always feeling Uninvited to be part of someone else’s life,” he says in a forceful statement in which he also collects the different titles of his tracks as if it were a plot with chapters. A precise way to share a personal experience with his audience in his favourite language, which is music.

Since he released his first singles in 2020, Indiana has not stopped gaining followers who support him at every step he takes, and who now celebrate the release of the Connected visualiser. A track that delves into the constant reminder of something that didn't work out, expressed through a dramatic soundscape in which the promising artist seems to connect with himself in an introspective piece. “The track really focuses on reminiscing on that feeling of desperately trying to let go – the text messages and pictures that you keep or have from that relationship.”