Shiver & Gold is the kind of song that you would listen to in a club at 5 am not long before the venue closes. It is an electronic track from the DJ and producer Imanos, originally from Vancouver, featuring the guest vocals from Kitsuné Musique's Uffie and pop artist Vera Houtsauce. Shiver & Gold is a song that plays between soft and hard sounds, and anthem for those listening at home and from clubs all over the world.
This is the first song to be released this year for Imanos, as part of Kitsuné Musique's New Hot Fresh single series. Last year, he dropped Warmer, which was quite a hit – it's actually his most streamed song to date – and this new song dances between club-ready and radio-ready beats and vibes in general.
The young DJ is known for honing his craft at New York City nightclubs, through residences, and he has become quite the tastemaker of the electronic world. James Somani, aka Imanos, is also known for coproducing and featuring on Diplo's Revolution, and co-writing a song on Jessie J's album Sweet Talker. And this song, Shiver & Gold, also features two very promising young artists who manage to elevate this song, making it more than just the typical electronic song for clubbing.