We got the chance to talk to Ignacia Zordan, an emerging designer who has her roots in Chile, branches nomadically spread all around the globe, and blossoming crown in the ‘fashion capital’ par excellence – Paris. Ignacia is helping people define who they want to be. Her creative sensibility is being translated into her collection. Singular. Full stop. She doesn’t produce new collections, but her unusually one and unique collection keeps growing and altering as seasons go by. We talk to her about her personality, universe, fears, and unique way of seeing fashion.
Hi Ignacia, you come from Chile and you are now based in Paris. Can you take us for a ride through this motion around the globe and give us a brief intro to who you are.
Yes, I was born in Chile and I lived most of my life there. I studied art, and from the beginning, I was trying to approach it in a way in which I could make the aesthetic values function in an everyday life. So after studying art, I got the chance to go to Paris, where I started my fashion studies and did some internships and worked as assistant designer. I was in India when I realized that I wanted to make my own project. So my first collection was made in India, and since then, it has been pretty much nomadic when it comes to inspiration and creating the collections. But my current base is Paris.
Why fashion? Is this something you always wanted to do, despite studying art?
It was art at first, but it was a bit too far from everyday life. Art is like a dream, and I want to make that dream be a part of everybody’s life every day. Because in the end, art and fashion share the same values when it comes to composition, colors, and volumes; so to me it is very similar. Although my collections are not only about colors, volumes, composition, I aim to create a universe.
So you consider fashion to be an art form?
Yes, in my opinion and on my own work it is.
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If it wasn’t fashion that you do, do you have any idea what would it be?
Well, I’ve made music in my life before. I don’t have the time now, but I would love to do some sculptures or textile art, too. Otherwise, I would like to have a garden and take care of plants.
How would you describe the essence of your brand?
It is about a lot of things but mostly it is about giving power to women. The power to be themselves and to be equals with men; it is just about equality of genders, about being free and liking yourself for the person you are.
Since we talk about freedom and the equality of genders, is it only womenswear, that you specialize in?
Yes, my brand is womenswear, but to me, a lot of these pieces could be worn by both men and women. If you come out of the brain structures built by society, then you realize it is just a pair of pants or a top. It is simply a garment.
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What inspires you?
Nature, ancestral cultures, tribal elements like body painting and folklore from different countries, etc. I am a bit of a rebel and I look for and find my inspiration in some alternatives to social structure. I am also inspired by science fiction and architecture. The interaction between the body and the garment is also something that interests me. I want people to feel comfortable.
Do you make patterns? Do you use moulage? Do you drape?
I work with patterns. They are very important in the evolution of my work. My brand is about creating one collection, which grows with each new season, but it is always the same – it is not a different story each season. I use more or less the same patterns, sometimes I add new ones, but reworking the old ones is a very important part of my creative process.
Do you have a team? Or are you more of a lone wolf?
I work alone on the creative part and I produce my garments with an external help of small ateliers or factories. They are all part of my gipsy brand. But I do have a team though, my biggest partners are 20YRS, with whom I get to communicate my work to the world, and my commercial team from Heavy London.
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You’ve worked a lot with fashion films. Do you think a moving image has a better capacity to introduce a garment? Do you direct the movies yourself?
The lookbook is more about presenting the clothes. A film, on the other hand, is when I get to be free; it allows me to show more the vibe and the mood of the collections and the brand. It is the fun part – it is all about the emotions and feelings. I don’t direct the movies myself, most of the times I collaborate with video artists. It is quite important for me to collaborate with other people that come from a different universe and give them the space to propose something to me, to bring something of them into to my universe. Every video is a new adventure. When I see my work through somebody else’s eyes, it helps me to understand it better.
 In which direction do you see your brand growing? What would be the best scenario in coming years?
That is a difficult question. I am an ‘emerging designer’, so for me the best scenario would be to get to be an ‘established one’, mostly in order to be able to work under ideal conditions and to structure my brand in a better way. Making my brand more stable would allow me to push it further, try different things out, develop new techniques and make bigger projects. When you are independent you have to be very resourceful, it is pretty fun but it also takes a lot of energy that could be used in the creative process. 
Do you fear something?
I guess I have the fear that everyone has: not making my dream happen. But at the same time, if it doesn’t happen, it is okay, too.
Make a wish…
I wish that the day had more hours.
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