Nowadays, artists are not only seen as people who make music, they are also expected to use their platform to deliver powerful messages. Hence, they are often faced with a difficult question – how can a song discuss heavy topics without feeling heavy itself? London-based producer and songwriter HXNTZ seems to have found the answer. His new single, Where Is The Love, combines socially conscious lyricism and light instrumentation to create a serious but enjoyable listening experience.
“On Where Is The Love everything I’m talking about is a reflection of past and recent life experiences,” says HXNTZ. The song touches on important topics, including stereotyping, racial profiling and police brutality. Although serious, the song is not pessimistic. Instead, the lyrics acknowledge the progress society has made while still urging us to never settle and continue moving forward. Really, the song is a call-to-action. HXNTZ prompts us to combat an unjust society with love.

Similarly, HXNTZ’s soundscape is also close to home. Raised in the United Kingdom, his sound typically features elements of UK garage, grime and dancehall while still paying homage to his Jamaican heritage. In Where Is The Love, HXNTZ skillfully balances out the heaviness of his lyrics with silky jazz instrumentation and smooth delivery. This contrast helps the audience to process his lyrics and feel optimistic about change. Creating a meaningful song is a tough balancing act, but HXNTZ has certainly found a way to use his voice, both literally and metaphorically.
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