We never say no to a good new techno track, and to make us even happier, Hunter/Game brings us two on their new EP Stars. The Italian duo is releasing their new two-track album that features Munich-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Noah Kulaga's vocal talent, which, along with the well-crafted beats and melodies, shines in both the original song and the remix made by industry veteran Mano LeTough, creating an almost completely new and different experience. It’s our lucky day, and if you listen to our recommendation, it can be yours too.
The electronic music duo formed by Martino Bertola and Emmanuele Nicosia has been in the industry for quite a while, and a testament to that is their vast repertoire of albums and singles, which have taken them to a well-respected place amongst critics and fans, as reflected in the attention their releases receive and their appearances at several of the main electronic festivals and clubs around the world. The release of the new EP Stars arrives via their very own label, Just This, the evidence of their experience on the field and their commitment to making it grow with the best quality.
Stars is the perfect mix of atmospheric and rhythmic sounds; it gives space to feel but also to dance and feel every beat. The melodies blend seemingly with the soft and ethereal vocals of singer, producer, and multiinstrumentalist Noah Kulaga, who, with his lyrics plus the echoy mix of voices that fade in the atmosphere, convey deep and introspective feelings that capture the scene of the whole song. Honorary mention goes to the cover art of the EP, whose visuals perfectly complement the audio experience.
The remix of Stars is made by none other than award-winning Irish DJ and music producer Mano LeTough, whose interpretation of Stars feels like it took the celestial feeling of the original and grounded it with a sharp and more defined structure, giving it a captivating twist that feels like the other side of the same coin. The expertise of three professional and talented figures has met on this outstanding release that you can now enjoy on streaming platforms.