When reviewing Portugal Fashion we always stop at Huarte’s collection, being of the brands that season after season presents one of the most complete and coherent works. After having presented his Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Destination Unknown, which we highlighted as one of the best ones in our Porto Fashion Week review last October, he has now just unveiled his Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Clássico. This work reconnects with the essence of the brand and through it, the designer born in Logroño, Spain, talks about the importance of having clear objectives in strange and confusing times.
Victor Huarte has achieved something very difficult in the fashion industry that all brands pursue, defining his own identity which is easily recognized by the audience. It is enough to see one of his looks to realize that, indeed, we are looking at the work which is the result of the creative vision of this designer who has been living in Portugal for many years and has made a name for himself. His artistic universe is fresh, design and functionality go hand in hand, everything is taken care of in detail and has proven to connect very well and effectively with the young generations.

Denim, the element that he has championed since its inception and one of the main drivers of the brand identity, once again becomes the skeleton of this collection. In Clássico we find it in different versions, dyed, textured and with new constructions, along with other lighter qualities such as tulle and finer knits whose goal is to balance the collection as a whole.

“Rethinking, reanalysing and redefining are part of the lexicon of this collection, which intends to show the most fragile and, at the same time, strongest and most secure part of our personality,” says Victor when asked about the starting point of his new collection, presented just a few days ago in the latest edition of Portugal Fashion. It’s an exercise successfully completed for a brand that continues to give us joy every time it presents its work on the runway.
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