It is well-known that Louis Vuitton is the master of travelling. Its trunks and suitcases are amongst some of the most coveted pieces for those who want to travel in style. Now, the French maison broadens the Horizon family with the new Horizon Soft models, designed by renowned Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, that will take you anywhere you wish in a practical and comfortable manner.
With pieces like the Wood Chair acquired by MoMA and after creating emblematic furniture like the Orgone or Embryo chairs, it’s clear that Marc Newson doesn’t shy away from challenges. His tenure and talent have turned him into one of the most renowned industrial/product designers nowadays, and that’s why Louis Vuitton has trusted him on previous occasions. This time, the French maison has asked him to design the trailblazing Horizon Soft models, which feature highly technical details.
This is the second collection that the Australian designer creates for the luxury brand. Characterized by Vuitton’s emblematic monogram, these new models are thought for the modern traveller – someone who ranks functionality, good design, and quality on top of all. These new models are made of a knit manufactured from a technical yarn created especially for Louis Vuitton, which includes elastic and thermo-fusible threads. The result? Seamless, waterproof, and ultra flexible. As a curiosity, the cuts for pockets and zippers have been made with ultra-sound cutting techniques, which has eliminated 95% of the stitches for similar products. Again, Vuitton proving his cutting-edge savoir faire.
But Marc Newson has gone even beyond that. In addition to the technical improvement, these new Horizon Soft suitcases – Horizon Soft 55 Duffle, Horizon Soft 55, Horizon Soft 65 Duffle – weigh only between 2.9 and 3.5 kg. Also, the two or four wheels (depending on the model) are on the outside structure, thus adding more interior capacity for your clothes and personal items. So now, all you have to do is book a flight, a train, or a boat, and choose your next destination. Because you already know who’s coming with you: a Horizon Soft by Louis Vuitton.
Duffle in the Air.jpg