If I Can’t Even Cry was a food, it would be silky, golden honey, with Tala’s candied vocals leaving a sweet buzz in your ear. The soft and positive backing track mixed with melancholic and remorseful vocals results in a deeply layered and self-reflective single that resonates with many people. Serenading us about the hesitations of a new love and the fear of losing an old love, Tala takes us on her journey of self-reflection.
I Can’t Even Cry is about constantly questioning yourself, being scared of showing emotion, and facing the unknown, singing, “Is it love or is it something different?”. Tala develops throughout the single, urging us to remember who we are but not underplaying her still very valid doubts about love. Enacting a fight or flight response, Tala is frozen, “petrified” of what is and what is to come. Already gaining millions of streams for tracks like Lovestained and All My Girls Like to Fight, Tala is hoping for the same success with I Can’t Even Cry, and it is easy to see why.
Described as a “polymath” in I Can’t Even Cry’s press release, Tala is fully displaying her skills as a singer-songwriter. She is a multi-faceted and multi-genre artist with much more for us to be excited about. I Can’t Even Cry is just the first taste.