A few weeks ago we travelled to Milan to attend the latest edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels, which ended on February 20, 2023. We had already analysed in this article the enormous potential of this call, being the only event held in Milan dedicated exclusively to accessories, apparel and jewellery. Now that we've had the opportunity to live the experience first-hand, meet the different creators who didn't want to miss the date, and fully explore the rich variety of spaces with different lines of business and profiles, we're ready to share some of our highlights of this season
From February 17 to 20, the event held at Fiera Milano (Rho) brought together many professionals from the fashion and jewellery sector, encouraging debate on the future of these industries, the challenges they currently face and the search for formulas with which to overcome the fast pace that sometimes makes it difficult for brands and businesses to react in time. Making quality, creativity and uniqueness three of the pillars on which the latest edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels has been built (also having a strong presence in the conversations among the attendees), the event showed to be an unmissable showcase of innovation for the sector.

There has also been room for the vindication of the role of jewellery and very positive forecasts about its nearest future, as pointed out by Alba Cappellieri, a professor teaching jewellery design. “Jewellery will continue to be the main accessory to give preciousness to the body,” she said along with some very interesting thoughts and reflections on this trade and the need to enhance it. From the aluminium and Plexiglas creations by the eclectic Greek designer Christina Brampti to Bianco Bijoux's handcrafted proposals made with crystals, glass and natural stones, each designer and brand has tried to connect with the public through their identity and personal essence. And we can conclude that, in general terms, the result has been very positive.

Natama Design, Alessandra Calvani, Amlè Gioielli, Giuliana Di Franco and Carola Gioielli are some of the names that have helped make this latest edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels a success, allowing us to learn more about their projects. Of course, sustainability also played an important role in the form of products that combine design and environmental awareness, such as RAM's bags, made using fishing nets or mosquito nets, and Dariapunto's charming bracelets in bright colours with recycled silk threads. The next edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels will be held from September 15 to 18, 2023. See you there!
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