We already anticipated it the last time we spoke with them , when their project saw the light during Miami Art Week determined to challenge the norms of art and broaden horizons. Homework Gallery, the innovative, nomadic art gallery that follows and disrupts the rhythm of the creative world led by Aurelio Aguiló and Mayra Mejia, had many projects underway. The last of them? The presentation of Julián Chams: Traces and Visions at Ace Hotel New York, which is their first presentation dedicated to a single artist. The closing party for the exhibition is taking place on Thursday, May 26 from 6 to 9 pm. Do not miss it!
The Colombian visual artist based in Brooklyn was already present at their first exhibition v00001. But since he was presented to the public with his new exhibition in New York by Homework Gallery on May 5, the creator has not stopped sharing his creative universe, consolidating his identity in art. His presentation is a meditation on ruins, aftermaths, and stories gathered from the remnants of things long past. And there is no doubt that he has got great feedback from the public who have come to see it in the first person.

“The opening was amazing. We had a really great turnout. Lots of friends from NY showed up, along with a huge crowd of people that learned about us through our past show's posts on social media and the press. They were excited to see our NY exhibition with Julián’s new work,” says Aurelio, Homework co-founder. Turning the Ace Hotel gallery space resemble a cave with grey moulded walls, soft lighting, and a digital collage of forest imagery, the artist explores the ways that human beings connect with the natural and spiritual world, and how those interactions may be rendered both familiar and uncanny by the distortions of time.

This exhibition is a turning point in Julián's professional career. “After exploring different directions, I have arrived at a place where all the pieces have come together. At the same time it feels like a starting point like I have just laid down the foundation upon which I can build the rest of my art practice,” adds the artist, whose show is part of Homework's “NYC residency" program, which will continue throughout the month of May. Homework is also currently showing work from Mayte Nicole in Miami at The Knoxon.
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