New York-based experimental musician Hiro Kone is releasing today her newest video for Mist to Petrifact full of cryptic yet enthralling visuals that somehow explore the darkness of humanity, as well as our ever-present need of self-preservation. This is a taste of what you'll be able to find in her latest album, which also comes out today, titled Silvercoat The Throng, her fourth and most metamorphic effort to date.
The visuals are created in collaboration with artist Natalia Podgórska in order to create an eerie landscape full of anthropomorphic figures that seemingly tell an intricate story. In Podgórska's opinion, as the track's title suggest, it explores the Dark Forest Theory, in which it is said that all life stays hidden to remain safe. So these characters, although they could be extrapolated and be analysed as humans, need to stay non sentient for their own survival. By principle, any life is dangerous to another life, and this is a tragic yet beautiful prophecy that is delved into through this video.

This is just one of the many tracks featured in Silvercoat The Throng, one of the many albums that have emerged from lockdown, which, in this case for Hiro Kone, has served as a way to channel her most experimental techno side, through spoken word, neo-classical and industrial noise. It is truly about transformation, the “possibility, rescued from darkness.” Where sound and design meet to explore unchartered stories.